This year I've started using 50 count cell flats. I think they will be good for growing certain plants that one would want to grow for a bit before transplanting.

I also like the number count, 50 as opposed to 32 works out nicely for starting multiples of certain plants

Below is a vegetable start. By carefully only planting a few seeds of each, I'll have plenty of seeds for later starts, but I can get a jump on some plants right now.

Below left to right:

Tomato, spinach

Various Kales

Bright Light Chard



Mizuna and Red leaf Bok Choi



One of the best uses I've found for the 98 cells is testing germination for older seeds. It also allows me to seed in lots of questionable seeds in a small space.

Above you see sporadic germination of pepper seeds. As peppers age they take longer and longer to germinate. This way i can get some plants even if only a few germinate. On the right is a tomato start and various annuals.

These are pepper and basil starts. the peppers are all from 2022, and as such you can see the excellent and quick germination.

The Basil was from last year but still has quite good germination.