Browallia americana: Annual to 2 feet. From South America. 

This our first year growing these but thet grow fast and bloom early!


Primula veris: English Cowslip. shade to moist part shade. these have been growing here and there at Olallie Farm for years.



Here a stand of Primula veris inter mingles with a small patch of Iris cristata that is on the verge of blooming.


Agastache urticifolia: Nettleleaf Giant Hyssop. Native to the west, this is a great

bee forage plant and zone 4 hardy!


Here in our greenhouse, Nasturyium volunteers bloom early. native "weed" ferns and small leaf 

Commelina add a back drop.


Great for color! Lamium 'White Nancy', the more sun the whiter it gets! Next to it Oxalis "red Leaf" adds color.

Hot peppers, Spicy Globe Basil and other compete for space.


Harlequin Marigold make a great show! The contrasting petals is striking!


Just a mixed bag of plants in the greenhouse. Seedling Rhubarb, Second Year Purple Hot Peppers and a variegated scented Geranium are shadowed by a Avocado tree.