Through our breeding efforts, we have begin to develop daylilies with interesting colors blooming at the end of June and the beginning of July. While peak season is usually considered to begin in mid July, we now have pushed peak season to early-mid July and soon I expect it will be early July. Here are some of our recent bloomers


Olallie Vernal Cherry: This is by far the earliest red we have, and amazingly saturated.

In fact we were very surprised to discover that on overcast days the color is a deep saturated

red that glows like a gem!



EB-22-9-01: This is our go to giant early daylily. Giant lemon yellow stars. These really put on a show in early June!


Here a mass of EB-22-9-01 blooms their little heads off. Great seed set too!



Vernal Tutone: Developed by Stanley Saxton this little bicolor really stands out in the garden

with it's two tone coloration.



Olallie Henry Bromell: One our earliest purples. Great saturated color for the beginning of the season.

1-6-25-2015: This striking bicolor has one other interesting attribute bracts (the leaves off the stem/scape)

that are almost 1 foot long1 This adds to the overall unusual look of this daylily.



3-09: Early eyezone creamy yellow with a light rose eyezone. Nice form and color!



41-09: Ruffled cream pink, exceptional form particularly this early in the season



4-09: This daylily is one of our favorites! While a little too gold for some I expect, the maroon eyezone is large with faint brush strokes as well, I expect great things from this daylily!



Unknown number 1: This gem popped up in one of my beds. I don't have anything identifying it yet

but is large and colorful for so early in the season!



Unknown number 2: This does have a number to ID it but I can't remember it. Wonderful triangular

blooms, great color and a good bud count. Wow!




Lastly but definitely not least! This unknown (for now) is amazing, blooms popping everywhere but a new set of scapes

of instant rebloom are appearing. The real question is will it rebloom yet again!

The color is quite nice too, sublte shades of pink and melon with faint markings too.