We've photographed a number of our Siberian Iris on paper. Ideally this gives people an opportunity to compare the form and colors. All were photographed the same way and as such should be a pretty good representation of the color. A few of these Iris are now in short supply and so may not be readily available.


Papillon, Summer Sky, Blue Charm, Night Breeze, Moon Sprite, Little Tricolor, Heliotrope Bouquet, Ruby Wine, ?, White Swirl



Butter and Sugar: late June, 26" A color breakthrough. Pale buttery yellow and cream.The yellow buds add to the yellow effect. Creates a great effect en masse. Eye catching and different.  

Blue Charm: mid June, 32" Clear dark blue with hints of purple produces a gorgeous color statement. Fast increaser. Color does not photograph well, trust me this is blue! 


Cleve Dodge: mid June, 24" Distinctly wine purple with red shades. This Siberian has large petals and standards and a nice velvety texture. Award Winner.


Ego: late June, 26" Rich indigo standards and wide horizontal frilly falls of a lighter blue. This  Morgan Award winner is a show stopper here in our garden. Color is much more intense and deep than can be photographed.


Flight Of Butterflies: mid June, 24"  Light blue standards with darker blue veins and a complex white and yellow heart. A miniature with narrow grasslike foliage, and tiny blooms. This has grown well for us so we can't ever seem to grow enough to sell.

Heliotrope Bouquet: mid June 32" A lovely blend of colors, upright lavender standards and falls with a blue heart.  Large flowers with beautifully rounded falls. Showy, unusual and popular. Flat modern form.


 Lime Heart: late June, 38" This is the latest blooming of our white Siberians. Beautiful large rounded blooms of pure white with a lime heart.  A real season extender and a must have for all iris growers! Distinct cream colored buds.

Little Tricolor: early June, 34" A combination of lavender wine falls with blue veins and violet red standards and styles This long blooming iris really catches people's attention. Always popular. 

Moon Sprite: late June, 46" Intense deep purple violet blooms grace the top of four-foot scapes. Foliage is tall and thin with a distinct blue green cast. One of the later blooming of the deep purples.

Night Breeze: early june, 40" The intensely dark purple blooms appear high above the foliage. At 40" plus Night Breeze stands out from the crowd. The dramatic effect is enhanced by the thin twisted foliage in a dark green shade.

 Ode To Love: mid June, 34" Large ruffled, rounded white falls are full, like a ballerina's tutu. The standards stretch gracefully across the throat, giving this iris a distinctive look.

 Papillon: early June, 28" Papillon is French for butterfly; the lovely pale blue ones which flutter about in early summer are surely the inspiration for this beauty. White styles over sky blue falls. Flowers appear just over the tips of the foliage.  Wonderfully different color.

Ruby Wine: mid June, 36" An early breakthrough in color. Wine red with white throats. Full and showy. Standards are large and ruffled. A hard color to reproduce in photographs but trust us it is wine-red. 

 Sparkle: mid June, 24" Bright violet lilac with a lavender styles. This iris is shorter than most and its color is different than anything else in our gardens. A great addition to the front of a border. Usually sells out.



Super Ego: mid June, 28" Incredible color combination. The falls are darker near the center and fade to a pale blue on the outer edges.  Large rounded falls add to the beauty of this Iris.  A favorite here on the farm. Morgan Award Winner. 

 Teal Wood: mid June, 34" Steel blue with a darker center. Falls are rounded and held almost horizontally. The styles lie nearly flat as well. This combination gives this flower a very flat form appearance. Unusual and distinct.

White Swirl: early June, 22" A classic white with narrow cascading falls, upright standards and a large yellow heart. Short and sweet. It's easy to see why this old fashion type iris won the Morgan Award.