Daylily nutrient values are not well documented. Below are a couple of values that were found. One might expect variation in these values depending on species or variety of daylily as well as age of the harvested material.

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 Most of the Nutritive values of Daylilies seems to be from this publication by the FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations) Chapter 6 FAO Plant Nutritive Values

 Protein and Vitamin Content of Daylily Buds (from Erhardt: Daylilies 1992)

 Daylily buds

Vitamin C : 43 mg/100g

Vitamin A : 983 IU

Protein % : 3.1

 Green Beans

Vitamin C : 19 mg/100g

Vitamin A : 630 IU

Protein % : 2.2

 It's assumed that this refers to dried flowers of Hemerocallis fulva. 

 Day Lily (per 100g) Hemerocallis fulva

Calories 42

Protein 2g

Fat .4g

Calcium 87mg

Phosphorus 176mg

Iron 1.2mg

Sodium 24mg

Potassium 170mg

Vitamin A 3,000 I.U.

Thiamin .16mg

Riboflavin .21mg

Niacin .8mg

Vitamin C 88mg