Dark Scaped daylilies add a whole new dimension to the flower garden. Well before the daylilies bloom the dark scapes and buds produce a stunning show. Later when in bloom the dark saturated color of the stems contrasts nicely with the flowers. The pigmentation need exposure to sunlight to develop and as such the scapes may start out green before turning dark.

Below are a number of dark scaped cultivars growing here at Olallie Daylily Gardens. Most were developed here on the farm.




4-9-01 is part of the EB series developed in the mid 90's. 4-9-01 produces clear yellow blooms in mid June. Rebloom was observed in 2016 at Olallie daylily gardens, as well as reported by one customer in 2016 as well.


Some species of daylilies (Hemerocallis) have pigmentation in the scapes and/or bracts and buds. Many cultivars also exhibit some pigmentation in the scapes and buds as well. However few cultivars have completely pigmented scapes. One classic is Sir Blackstem.

H. middendorfii 'Japan Hybrid' red bract


Most of the pigmented scape types have growing here at Olallie Daylily gardens have been derived from Hem. dumortieri and other red bracted early cultivars such as Hem. middendorfii Japan Hybrid red bract.




17-08 is distinctive because of the height of the scapes and the intense pigmentation of the stems. 



1-09: This red flowered red bracted cultivar is of somewhat mysterious origins although the short bracts indicate that it has Hem middendorfii in it. The red is not as clear as one would like but the red scapes coupled with the red flowers are quite eye-catching.


The red pigmentation of 1-09 is quite strong and  is even exhibited in the spent blossoms.


From Darkness Comes Light (Huben)

Developoed by M Huben, From Darkness Comes Light is a mid season (July) bloomer with creamy yellow blooms. The scapes are not as dark as the Olallie pigmented types, but they are quite showy and contrast nicely with the pale blooms.