Daylily Species

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Daylily (Hemerocallis) cultivar, species and cultivation discussion
  2. daylily (Hemerocallis) seedpods vary in shape and size. There seems to be some distinguishing characteristics in the seedpods of various species. H. citrina types frequently have more elongated pod shape.      
  3. Wild populations of H. citrina growing on cliff faces of Mount Tai, Shandong Province, China. How cool is this?  daylilies growing where almost nothing else could! A New Day Dawning: Hemerocallis as a Future Model Organism This is one of the most exciting pieces of research published! The basic gist of it is that Hemerocallis […]
  4. H. citrina grows well in the spring and seems quite tolerant of frosts   .   H. flava Major, a supposed variant of H. flava is an extremely good grow with tight light green foliage. H. flava Major seems to tolerate frost very well.     H. hakuensis, suffers some tip damage in the spring […]