Massesof vegetable starts ready to go out!

From lower left clockwise: Dill, Broccoli, then center is a variety of Kale types, Naturtiums at 12 o'clock. Golden Runner Bean (Scarlet Runner), more Nasturtiums, Bright Lights Chard, Purple leaf Mizuna then green leaf Mizuna.

We always have lots of flats of perennials that we over winter in the greenhouse. The greenhouse is not heated through the winter, but the plastic adds a degree of protection from the extreme cold.

Daylily shoots grow very quickly when the temperatures start to warm. Because of this the shoots may be damaged by freezing temperatures.

This typically manifests itself in pale and distorted tips. This doesn't seem to faze the plants and they grow out and recover well.

One of the great things about many Border Collies is they like to play and kind of have a sense of humor. 

Jack decided it would be fun if I chased him. You can see in the first picture a kind of mischievousness in his eyes.

Come play!

Can you catch me?

I'm way too fast for you!

Ok, I'll cut this way then.

Nothing like the straight on attack fake!

Tight cornering is an essential dodging technique


After all that running, nothing beats a snowbank to lick.