Possibly the first published illustration of a daylily (1059 AD)

 Daylilies (Hemerocallis) species have been cultivated in Asia for millenia. They are considered by the Chinese as having both edible and medicinal properties. Hemoerocallis fulva and Hemerocallis (lilioasphedelus) flava were introduced into Europe over 400 years ago. Additional species were introduced in the 1800's, 1920's and even more recently.


 Grown for ornamental as well as for their herbal properties. Daylilies spread through-out Europe during the 1500's-1800's. Originally considered a species of Llium, eventually the daylily was put in it's own genus. It looks as if Linneaus may have may have been one of the first to label daylilies as Hemerocallis














                                                                                                        H. flava (1576)


An old photo compilation, pre-photoshop, with H. altissima (tall) and H. minor (short). Demonstrating the extreme differances in height.

This photograph was in Dr. George Darrow's documents and has H. altissima and H. minor identified on the back

"Tallest H. altissima  Shortest H. nana"







 Possibly H. citrina, in a painting done by Swedish artist
Carl Larsson (1853 –1919)



Hemerocallis species worldwide distribution over time