2018 Here We Come!

   We're having incredibly cold temperatures, with the thermometer reading -8 on Saturday January   6th.
  We also have a good snow cover, which is great insulation for all the plants resting in the ground.


Recent News

  • Olallie Daylily Gardens: Mid October 2017 Chris Darrow Oct 11, 2017

    Rouge Blush, Rajastan Sands and Fall Pink Melon still going strong October 11, 2017.   H. sempervirens: A late species much like H. fulva but blooming months later. Marginally hardy here. Monarchs were back in force! We counted dozens of them here on the farm. They loved the late blooming Verbena, one of the last flowers to still be blooming!  

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  • Late September Annuals 2017 Chris Darrow Sep 21, 2017

    As the daylily season winds down we find ourselves appreciating the annuals we grew more and more. Of course it helps that we've had very nice warm nights and sunny warm days. Growing on the front of our barn: Morning Glory's, Firecracker Vine (Ipo. Labata) and Clematis (perennial), have reached over 12 feet in height!   Marigold Harlequin has taken it's time to bloom profusely, but it was worth the wait!  

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  • Late August at Olallie Daylily Gardens Chris Darrow Aug 26, 2017

    While peak season is past, there is still an amazing number of daylilies in bloom! A lot of the lates have yet to open as well!  We planted a large number of annuals in the edges of the daylily beds and they are now full and showy!

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A Three Generation Family Farm
 Organically Growing Hardy Daylilies 
Located in the Foothills of Vermont's Green Mountains.


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We are growers of hardy field grown plants. We ship weekly (in season) throughout the US, and even to Europe and Asia. 
We have customers in virtually every state including Alaska, Texas, Hawaii, and of course, all of New England

 We Offer A Complete Palette of Daylily Choices: Unique, Special and Choice

With decades of hybridizing and collecting, we have one of the most unusual and unique collection in the world. We are constantly adding to our dayliliy collections with new hybrids both purchased and hybridized by us. Dr George Darrow began collecting in the late 1950's and now 60 years later Chris Darrow continues his work developing new and unusual daylily cultivars.


Who We Are (Farm history)      

We are longtime growers who are continuing the work of Dr. George Darrow. We offer a large selection of daylilies that provide a complete palette of possible daylily characteristics in an easy to use and select framework.
We believe that our approach simplifies your search for the right daylily cultivar for your garden. We supply a wealth of information to educate you the grower as to how to best select and grow daylilies.
As growers of over 2500 cultivars of daylilies with new varieties developed every year. We select our plants based not only on color but also hardiness, vigor, performance and other attributes.

A Day in the Country
The daylily bloom season runs from June through September. Peak Season is in July-August with tens of thousands of blooms

This map should help guide you through the winding Vermont roads.
If you are coming and want to pick up a large order, please call in advance, so we can have it ready when you get here. There are many other daylilies to see which are not available through the catalog.
This map should help guide you to us through the winding Vermont roads

We also maintain over four hundred high bush blueberries. Pick your own from mid July through August. They're organic and delicious. Visitors are welcome to stroll the fields, pick blueberries, and explore.

The main six-acre field brims with daylilies and other perennials and annuals. Grass paths meander through the beds of flowers. Bring a picnic, there are picnic tables and benches and tables with market umbrellas for your use.

We plant, grow, dig and pack our daylilies by hand so you get fresh, hardy, quality plants shipped the same day they were dug. If you're coming to see for yourself, we'll dig them while you wait (even in the rain)!Planting instructions are sent to help with planting and care. You get the individual attention of a small family farm, combined with 40+ years of experience growing daylilies. Dayliles live virtually forever, so by selecting daylilies from Olallie Daylily Gardens you get plants that are not only unusual and hardy but an excellent investment!

 Buy From Us Because     

 Our plants are field grown in organic compost-enriched soils. The daylilies are proven hardy in our rugged cold climate, with no protective mulch and no chemical sprays. We give them only water, natural fertilizers, and hand weeding. While originating in Maryland,, our VT daylilies have adapted to the harsh Vermont winter with no protection, making them well suited to most regions
Planting instructions are sent for easy care and cultivation.

More About Daylilies
If you want to learn more about gardening with daylilies, the early development of daylily hybrids, joining the daylily society, the origins of daylilies in the wild, or early uses of the daylily, we have that information available for you.