We always have lots of flats of perennials that we over winter in the greenhouse. The greenhouse is not heated through the winter, but the plastic adds a degree of protection from the extreme cold.

All plants are put on the floor of the greenhouse to also help keep them slightly warmer and to moderate the warm and cold temperatures they experience.


Here you can see send year and third year daylily seedlings popping up. Hopefully some of the older potted daylilies will bloom this year.

All need to get planted out!


Daylily seedlings as far as the eye can see! These will be the source of new cultivar types here at Olallie and may someday be available for naming.

This will be an interesting bunch once they mature. These are hybrids of Berlin Tall Redboy. BTRB is a 5 1/2 foot tall red with large flowers.

It's quite stunning. I'm hoping to get more variation in tall red shades.


These are Echinacea angustifolia seedlings. One of the most interesting aspect of this image, is the seedlings sprouting at the top of the picture. They are E. angustifolia seedlings that are just germinating this year even though I planted them in ealry April of 2019!


Some of my favorite perennial seedlings from plants frowing here on the farm. Veronicastrum is a 7 foot tall plant with Veronica-like flowers.

Filapendula has white Astilbe like flowers. And of course Echinacea is Purple Cone Flower.



Primula veris is my favorite spring flower. Also called the English Cowslip, I sometimes get volunteers in the flats, if I'm careless.

Which in this case happily I was.