Greenhouse grown seedlings: Seed grown Vermont perennial plants. These are first year plants. These typically won't bloom until next season but will grow quickly and perform excellently.

There is a range of sizes in the seedlings, depending on the perennial species. Seedlings shipped will be in good strong condition and wrapped in plastic wrap to keep the roots undisturbed. 






 The list below are seeds that we are in the process of starting and/or cold stratifying for. Most of these and more will be available come May 2017. Contact us if you are interested in any of these.

Typically the plants run $2.00-$4.00 each.

Amsonia: Willow leaved, blue flowers

Astilbe: pink, large

Baptisia: Blue false Indigo, hardy long lived

Campanula latifolia:deep purple 3'

Campanula latifolia alba: white

Campanula punctuate hondoensis: reddish pink, low, runs

Campanula trachelium: blue, lavender, white, seeds in

Coreopsis tripteris: 7' , yellow

Filapendula ulmaria: Meadowsweet, prairie plant, hardy, long lived

Lobelia silphilitica alba: white, August bloom

 Primula veris: yellow spring bloom, can seed in.

Rudbeckia triloba: Perennnial Black Eyed susan, 3'

Silphium: 7', large leaves, yellow

Stachys spicata: pink, wavy leaves, 12"

Tansy: herb

Thalictrum aquilegifolium: lavender-pink flowers

Veronia altissima: 7', purple

Vernonia noveboracensis: 5-6', purple

Veronica longifolia pink: pink, 3'

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