Happy New Year, the days are getting longer, each day bit more than the day before all the way to June 21. Theres lots of work going into the website. Updated images, added information on many of the cultivars and of course new cultivars..

Well we've had some frosts, the Pumpkin and Squash plants are done. But amazingly there are plenty of daylilies still blooming.

These will keep going into October, though cold nights will slow opening of the flowers. Once we get there hard killing frost,

that will pretty much finish the last of the daylilies.

Cosmos sulphureus: The orange Cosmos is described as a half hardy annual. Native to Mexico and partsĀ  of the South West it apparently thrives in hot dry locations and poor soils.

The bulk of the daylilies are finished blooming. but there a several dozen very lates still going strong. There is some exciting rebloom as well particularly on From Darkness Comes Light (Huben) a pale yellow with a pigmented scape!

While the bulk of the daylilies are starting to pass. There are plenty of daylilies still blooming and more to come!