2018 Here We Come!

   We're having incredibly cold temperatures, with the thermometer reading -8 on Saturday January   6th.
  We also have a good snow cover, which is great insulation for all the plants resting in the ground.


H. fulva 'Kwanso' varieg.

daylilies: H. fulva 'Kwanso' varieg.
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The rare and elusive true variegated daylily. This variant of the wild double is consistently variegated plant. What isn't consistent is how much variegation. As the plant grows and spreads or regrows, the shoots vary from little or no variegation to beautiful striping. This plant is good and hardy here in Vermont but doesn't increase as well as the more common double. All pieces shipped will have some variegation. We may have to delay shipping in order to be sure of variegation. Limited


Early Aug