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These daylily seedlings are a hybrid mix collected from the early blooming daylily patch growing here at Olallie Farm. Planted in the 1980-90's, this "patch" has grown un-disturbed for years. Incredibly hardy, very weed resistant and consistently early this group of daylilies constantly amazes me.

Colors include gold, yellow, orange, red and many shades in between. Many shapes from spider to trumpet to wide open star shaped blooms as well.

The seedlings are a mix from this daylily planting. Each seedling is unique and will grow into a flowering clump. Typically there won't be any bloom until the second year and by the third most will bloom.

These will grow well in pots as well and will bloom quite early too. We have some seedlings growing in pots in our greenhouse that survive the winter on benches in an unheated greenhouse.

Colors will be mixed of course with yellow and gold predominating but reds, eyezones and more are possible.

The more seedlings you buy the greater the variation, but each pot will have between 3-5 individual seedlings in it.